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Great News – More Funding Success!

We are on a roll! We were successful with our Adapt & Thrive funding application and we will now be able to make changes so we can adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic and thrive when we come out of the other side. We now feel we will be able to come back bigger and better!

We are tremendously grateful for this funding award as it will allow us to implement changes to help us to move some of our training services and fundraising activities/sales online. This ensures we adapt to current market trends and provide much needed services for our service users and customers.

Our new “blended learning” training model will mean our service users can learn both in our charity shop/training centre and digitally. Our new, digital expert will guide and support our trainees, using a person-centred, tailored approach so that they are confident to use their new I-pads, laptops and new training method, Moodle.

This funding will give us the resources to generate income through online trading, fundraising and recycling platforms and also implement new fundraising ideas within the shop. It will allow us to actively promote our work and enable us to build a bigger network through a new, professional website, digital screen and revamped social media channels.

More Funding Success!

staff member stands at till with face mask on

Great news. We were delighted to hear that we have been successful in our funding application to the CRNS Pockets and Prospects Fund, supported by the Scottish Community Alliance.

This fund will enable us to test and sell recycled electrical goods in our charity shop. This will not only benefit the local community by providing quality, affordable electrical goods but will also help protect the environment as these items will be re-used instead of going to landfill.

This will also help us to offer more training opportunities to our service users who will learn skills in health and safety and recycling.

Funding Success!

staff member checks electrical item with pat test machine

We Are Now on Social Media

All Together Edinburgh is now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  Join us on these platforms to stay fully up to date with all our plans. See you there!




Boost Boxes funded by the National Lottery Community Fund



Thanks to National Lottery players for making our project possible.

We're making a huge difference to the lives of isolated people thanks to National Lottery funding. Delighted to announce that we have been awarded £10,000 to continue our "Boost Box" initiative which boosts the well-being of individuals in our local community.

This funding award is designed to support the well-being of people in our local community.  Our online appointments allow them to choose items from the comfort of their own home. We also offer appointments in the shop where they can have their own personal shopper. We hope that they will feel like they are shopping in our Leith charity shop, browsing and choosing goods and that these goods will make people a little bit happier. These goods and delivery will be at no cost the individual!


We have lots of mood-boosting goods to choose from (books, cds, dvds, records, record players, cassette players, CD / DVD players, games, jigsaws, clothes, gifts for Christmas and much, much more). These will be delivered in our specially designed All Together Boost Boxes.


Thank you once again to the National Lottery and the National Lottery players for helping us to carry out this important and vital project that will help our community thrive.

Pictured is Kenny who helped prepare the Boost Boxes for delivery.

All Together Boosted by Funding award

A huge thank you to the Hugh Fraser Foundation who have awarded us £3000 towards our on-going running costs of our charity to help us to continue to support up to 12 trainees/20 volunteers and their families annually. It will also help us support 75 Older People and approximately 500 local people in our community who are living in very challenging situations. This will help us to upskill local people, build confidence, reduce isolation, and build connectedness within the community.

Leith Gives


We would like to say a thank you to the organisations that helped our trainees during the pandemic, especially over the Winter period when many of them found themselves vulnerable and isolated.

Through the Leith Gives Campaign, The Edinburgh Remakery and People Know How supplied laptops and iPads so they could connect with others and learn remotely. Edinburgh Community Food supplied 3 separate food hampers and they were very nutritious and all gratefully received. They also received wonderful Christmas gifts that really boosted their mental health and made such a difference to their lives.

Co-op and Scotmid also helped to make life brighter as they provided food and vouchers at Christmas.

Thank you for all your support. These acts of kindness really helped our trainees and volunteers get through these difficult times and they have all bounced back and started back at work in the charity shop again.

Staff member sorting clothing in the shop
staff member checking books for recycling

New Recycling Task for Trainees

We have a new training task whereby book ISBN numbers are entered into a program which determines suitability for reuse and helps our trainees to learn recycling and digital skills in one go.

This is via Better World Books who specialise in recycled books finding a new home instead of going to landfill.

staff member ironing clothes with steamer

New Funding Success

We are very pleased to let our trainees, volunteers and supporters know that we received a grant of £5000 from the Baillie Gifford Community Awards administered by Foundation Scotland. We are so grateful for this award as it helps us to fund some of the costs involved in our accredited training programme for trainees and volunteers with additional support needs. Training takes place in our Leith-based charity shop which has been operating for 10 years this month. Thank you so much for helping us to continue our vital work.

We are 10 years old today!


In the words of Barry Manilow.... "looks like we made it" 


It was so lovely to see the trustees, staff, trainees and volunteers who have worked and supported us over the last 10 years. We really appreciate everyone's contributution. We couldn't have done it without you.


Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!!


We are really looking forward to the next 10 years.



New Equipment and Boost Boxes

We purchased a refurbished laptop and iPad from The Edinburgh Remakery so that our trainees and volunteers could learn new digital skills and help them connect with others. 


The Edinburgh Remakery is an award-winning environmental social enterprise committed to diverting waste from landfill, providing training in how to reuse, recycle and refurbish and returning recycled items back into useful circulation.

Debbie accepting donation of laptops and ipads
bank of scotland logo

Bank of Scotland (Reach) Funding Award

We would like to say a big thank you to the Bank of Scotland Foundation, who have awarded us £10,000. This will help us develop our project further and meet the needs of our beneficiaries and the local community.

New Volunteers at the shop

residents of sheltered housing accept boost boxes

BOOST Boxes arrive in local Sheltered Housing Association


Much to the delight of their recipients several of our BOOST Boxes arrived at a local Sheltered Housing Association a few days ago.  The boxes contained items which had been chosen by their recipients online with the support of staff and were delivered personally by All Together Staff members.

BOOST Boxes are funded by the National Lottery Community Fund

New Funding for Boost Boxes

We would like to thank the board of trustees from the One City Trust who agreed to support our project ‘Reducing loneliness and isolation one boost box at a time!’ and awarded us £8000.

This will fund our Boost Box Project which provides benefits to both the local community and to our trainees in our charity shop.

The Boost Box project offers V.I.P, person-centred appointments (online and in-person) to isolated individuals and families in the local community. These appointments provide time for individuals/families to relax, chat, engage face to face with staff, volunteers and trainees and choose mood-enhancing products from our charity shop in Leith. This helps them feel valued, listened to, better connected to their community, feel less isolated and financially better off by utilising the contents of the gifted Boost Box.

Our trainees also benefit hugely from this initiative as they learn skills needed for their accredited training programme/qualification and engage safely with the community, boosting their confidence, self-esteem and connectedness.

For more information about our Boost Box Project please contact Debbie using the contact form 

Funding Success

Thanks to the National Lottery players for making our project possible.

We're making a huge difference to the lives of isolated people thanks to National Lottery funding. Delighted to announce that we have been awarded £10,000 to continue our "Boost Box" initiative which boosts the well being of individuals in our local community.

All Together Boosted by Funding Success

We secured a grant totalling £15000 from the Bank of Scotland Foundation funding programme.  This is being used as a contribution to staff costs. All Together Edinburgh would like to thank the Bank of Scotland for this award.

Boost Boxes to Bield Housing

It was smiles all round. It's a delight to spread such happiness to the local community thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund.

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